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King & Roberts Dance Studio –Helping dancers find their passion since 1989.

While creating a supportive atmosphere of fun, family and friendships, our focus at K&R Dance Studio is to help each dancer find their passion in the world of dance – striving for the student’s personal achievement of coordination, poise, perception, physical and mental discipline and self confidence.

Here at King & Roberts, each of our staff members are passionate about dance. We make it our goal that your student receives the professional and personalized instruction every parent wants for their child while attaining an outstanding experience.


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Your Testimony
  • And that's a wrap! She took the stage for the final time this evening and danced her heart out!

    To ALL of the dance teachers that have taught our daughter at one point or another (and especially to our K&R Dance Family), while I try to wrap my head around the fact that Annalisa's dancing chapter of her life has come to an end, I think of how much you have impacted our child’s life these past 15 years.

    I know I've never been a hardcore dance mom (and you know this as well ?) but I do know that you have been such a huge part of Annalisa's childhood. You helped raise her. She is the person she is because of her dance teachers. You have taught her so much in the years she has been under your wing. I can’t thank you enough for giving such a huge part of your life to make such a difference in her life.

    We chose you, not only because you are amazing teachers, but amazing women. You are strong in character and superb role models. I couldn’t be more proud to call you my child’s dance teachers. You have taught her to rise above, to always be kind, while others were less than so.

    So, here we are, at her very last competition and I wanted you to know what you have done for our daughter.

    You have given her confidence and courage. Taught her about teamwork and commitment. Taught her about disappointment and how to pick herself up and dust herself off.

    You have given her the gift of true sportsmanship and compassion. You have taught her how to take care of herself, be passionate and disciplined. You have shown her respect and how to respect. She has learned how to push herself to her limit, to persevere, and not give up. All of these things, and more, are skills she will take with her throughout her lifetime. The memories you helped to create will be told time and time again to her own children (Future King & Roberts dancers maybe??)

    I cannot begin to make you understand how much we will miss dance being part of our lives. Each and every one of you teachers will always have a special place in all of our hearts. We love you and love King & Roberts Dance Studio!

    Gratefully yours, ?Jennie & Brock Childress

    Jennie Childress
  • K&R is a supportive, encouraging environment in which your child can grow as a dancer and also as a person. The studio allows students to learn valuable life lessons in a safe place, all while having the time of their lives. The teachers work hard to build a community within their classes where everyone feels accepted and valued for what they bring to the class.

    Stacey K
  • Delisa, I wanted to thank you for the 10 plus years of teaching our daughter, Alexis, not only dance, but so much more. From day one at 3 years old I couldn't pull her away from your studio to go home. She loves being a comp dancer and would spend every day at your studio if it were possible. Being on the comp team has given her so many wonderful opportunities and experiences. I think one of the things we enjoy most is the ability to continue to grow together as a team. King and Roberts also encourages the girls to get to know each other for more than their dancing abilities. You allow them to do things that encourages friendships that have lasted through the years by having lock ins, holiday parties, Big Sis/Lil Sis, Christmas Extravaganza, exchanging posters for the hotel stay, hungry dancing hippo party.....and the list just continues. This extra mile that you give these girls is another reason that separates your studio from the others. Your family owned business is one that continues to encourage our families to be a part of our child's success. You show the girls how to dance and they do wonderful at competitions, but you also show them how to be successful young ladies outside of dance. We have many ribbons, trophies, and awards to show that 10 years ago we made the best choice for Alexis by calling King and Roberts!

  • King & Roberts is our Happy Home away from Home - this is our fourth year of being on their competition team and love our dance family. We relocated from The NE four years ago and wanted to make sure our new studio would hold the same characteristics as our dance family in the North East. We viewed a total of 8 area studios with our relocation and felt completely at Home with the teachers, owner & staff at K&R. This studio certainly has been the main stream of our successful relocation here in Texas. Our daughters friendships as are the parents and teachers truly wonderful. She is pushed, there are no limits, but in a healthy not- over the top environment. We aren't dance moms, we are the real dance moms. So fortunate to be a part of such an amazing studio with unbelievable and amazing opportunities for our daughter.

  • My daughter Jayden has been dancing with King & Roberts since she was 3 years old. It was by complete coincidence that we chose this studio for her to dance at but I truly believe that God lead us to this studio. There is such a family atmosphere within the walls of K&R. From the owners, to the teachers, to the other parents, everyone cares about these kids and their success. I never could have imagined 7 years ago what this studio would mean to my daughter and myself. It has helped her grow in so many ways, not only as a dancer but as a person, and she has developed friendships that I hope will last a lifetime. I wouldn't want her to dance at any other studio. We love our K&R dance family!

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